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Virginia Air Duct Cleaners, Inc. is proud to be your local Aeroseal Commercial Distributor.  We provide inspections and air duct cleaning prior to utilizing Aeroseal technology to improve IAQ and Energy Efficiency.  We provide our services primarily in the Eastern Untied States but have been contracted in many of the 50 states to provide our services.

How Aeroseal helps Commercial Clients everywhere:

Aeroseal is the best solution for a large range of Commercial building problems. Whether the problem is energy consumption, poor indoor air quality, or commission.
         High Energy Consumption

            If you want to reduce your energy consumption without a large capital expenditure, you should consider having your ducts tested             for leakage.

        Poor Exhaust from Desired Areas

            Duct leakage has been linked to bad Indoor Air Quality, poor humidity control and health hazards such as sick building disease and             the spread of mold and other contagions within the building.

         Problems Identified During Building Commissioning

            In a recent survey, over 74% of commissioning professionals agreed that buildings have significant duct leakage.

         Problems Identified by Test and Balance Report

             If a Test and Balance report shows that you are not getting adequate flows to some grilles, or that the grille flows do not add up to             the flow at the fan, you should consider getting your duct system sealed with Aeroseal.